Maintaining a competitive edge requires you to work
smarter to accomplish more. Designed with extensive
user input, Act! v16 delivers new functionality and
enhancements that help you maximize your time,
prioritize intelligently, and be informed and prepared
to market and sell.

The Future Belongs to Those Who ACT!

For over two decades, Act! has been the proven choice for small business in a total CRM solution. Manage your leads, sales, and customer communications with ease. The Act! experts at Prescience will customize a solution to fit the needs of your unique business, and provide the training and support to make it all work seamlessly.

Whether you are considering a new CRM or have never incorporated one into your business, Prescience will work closely with you to research and implement the right Act! solution for your needs now and as your business grows. Prescience’s certified Act! experts make sure each client is empowered with knowledge of how to harness the remarkable tools of their new CRM to maximize customer communications, lead and sales funnels functionality, and reporting capabilities. And with robust marketing suite programs like E-marketing for Act!, seamless integration with email marketing, social media, and lead generation campaigns are merged with your database, consolidating management of these silos into one brilliantly simple to use solution.

Every small business owner realizes the need for a cutting edge CRM. The question is, are you going to waste time and precious resources researching and installing your own, or are you going to act! Call us today at 513-898-1040 to understand why Act! can get you from here, to there.

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